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Ethics at work

The author, Daniel Hartley
Daniel Hartley
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Writing pledges makes it harder to ignore the things I say I believe in.

The Public Good

These pledges are specific to this website. Since I'm working alone, and the site is simple, the focus is on better outcomes for readers.

  • I pledge to support opinions and statements with data.
  • I pledge to provide links to sources.
  • I pledge to follow web standards.
  • I pledge to test performance using third party tools.
  • I pledge to set performance and sustainability budgets.
  • I pledge to use third party code only when it adds demonstrable value to the project.
  • I pledge to write software for all devices and browsers.
  • I pledge not to use practices identified as dark patterns.
  • I pledge to balance privacy, security, and usability.
  • I pledge not to sell, exchange or exploit user data.


I stand by the pledges espoused by ResponsibleTech.Work.

Professional pledges

When working with others, I make the following commitments:

  • I pledge to speak to people in other teams in order to understand their work and needs.
  • I pledge to document decisions critical to the project.
  • I pledge to be fair to and supportive of team members.
  • I pledge to share my experience and knowledge with team members.
  • I pledge to prevent or stop unlawful demands or requests that are damaging to users.
  • I pledge to write code that can be easily maintained.
  • I pledge to consider the developers that come after me.
  • I pledge not to undertake new work without first evaluating its cost.
  • I pledge to avoid irreversible decisions.
  • I pledge to write code in line with common conventions and recognised good practice.
  • I pledge to write software that is extensible if required.

Appendix: Pledge Works Tools & Assets

Pledge Works is a ResponsibleTech.Work collaboration.

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