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Responsible web development

Websites do not exist in isolation. Please explore these influences: A solar-powered website, A communal computer, The world's energy problem, Daily Gregorian Chant, and The Origin of the Elements.

Our ability to mitigate the threats we pose to the planet depends on individual and collective action.

I will help you create fast, accessible and secure websites.

I write about the climate crisis and responsible web development.

The site is designed according to a set of principles set out in a sociable contract.

The climate crisis

Natural climate solutions - Trees

Carbon - element of life

Hydrogen - a singular atom

Turning the lights out on fossil fuels

Will people or policies save the planet?

The problem of population

Responsible web development

Measuring the web

Sustainable practices

Following the rules to a well-structured web page

For the love of hyperlinks

I specialise in 4 areas: ethics, performance, accessibility, and sustainability. Together with security they comprise responsible web development.


Web developers are responsible for the wellbeing of their users and colleagues, and are mindful of the impact of their work on their company, their profession, and the planet.

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Having a slow connection is not unusual.

Data can be expensive, especially in countries where only mobile connectivity is available.

Poor design runs down batteries, and too many websites are too slow.

When you waste people's time, they don't hang around.

It takes 0.05 seconds to form an opinion.

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Using websites can be challenging for many reasons.

Not all phones are smart.

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There is a cost in greenhouse gas emissions for every page.

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