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July 2023 Learn the Planet Notes

Tuesday 25 July 2023

Borrowed concepts

  • Biome: a biogeographical unit consisting of a biological community that has formed in response to the physical environment
  • Climate: the long-term weather pattern in a region, typically averaged over 30 years. More rigorously, it is the mean and variability of meteorological variables over a time spanning from months to millions of years. meteorological variables
    • temperature
    • humidity
    • atmospheric pressure
    • wind
    • precipitation
    climate system
    • atmosphere
    • hydrosphere
    • cryosphere
    • lithosphere
    • biosphere

The Genesis Project

The Genesis project consists of three steps.
  • Searching for transiently habitable planets.
  • Sending interstellar robotic crafts for detailed investigations.
  • Seeding the candidate planet with in situ synthesized lifeforms.

World building

Worldbuilding on stack exchange


Terraforming habitability requirements
  • Temperature
  • Water
  • Energy
  • Elements
Thursday 27 July 2023


  • Familiarity in environment e.g. when hiking better able to see/perceive what is there
  • Sense of greater awareness and acuity (visual and to a lesser extent, auditory)
  • Some kind of 'deeper' (atavistic) knowledge, or satisfaction/relief
  • Record of observations (iNaturalist) shows progress, expresses knowledge
  • Context: knowledge has meaning in place; knowledge in situ equates to control/power/meaning/security/comfort
  • Context: mismatch between knowledge and needs when needs satisified by global supply chains
  • Frustration: knowledge has little or no purpose day to day (and for essentials of life)
  • Unease: species that are of daily use are often non-native
  • Powerless: little or no control over necessities of daily life; which may be fine until things go wrong
  • Universal filter and sort functions that can act on: date/time, place, source (person/place)
    Use cases
    • Filter species by date
    • Filter scores by correct/incorrect
    • Sort species by date
    • Sort traits by frequency
    • Filter species by species observed
Origin in foodStarting position
  • Explicitly link to iNaturalist
    • Login or name look up
    • Option to create custom lesson
    • Or pick from curated lessons
    • Create blank filter
    • Update filter (optional) i.e. taxa type/s (plantae) or level (species)
    • Request species/observations
    • Compare observed species with supported species; determine what options are available
    • Basic test limited to name, common name, visual identification
    • Possible additional tests for commonality (#observations), the parent group (?) and location (atlas)
Filter options for iNaturalist request
  • Number of items
  • Whether sorted/ordered
  • Taxa
  • Research Grade
  • Optional incorrect answers
  • User feedback: tag poor images
Filter options for iNaturalist response
  • Number of items
  • Whether sorted/ordered
  • Taxa
  • Union (with LTP species)
Saturday 29 July 2023Objectives
  • Mark start of phase
  • Basic version using raw iNat data
  • Create standard, universal, calls and arguments
  • Ask for feedback based on this UI
  • Mark end of phase
Sunday 30 July 2023Objectives continued…
  • Least number of clicks or keyboard shortcuts to acheive aim cf. The Verb
  • Trial different UIs
  • Vanilla JS?

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