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Learn the Planet

Lessons, videos and tests to stimulate interest and further understanding of the natural world.

The project on which I made many mistakes, and was therefore forced to solve numerous problems. What cost me above all was not having a clear idea what the project was about; I changed tack on several occasions, each of which required a major refactor. As a developer I did good work, but I was a poor client, having too little understanding of my subject, my goals, and my users. But there were positives:

I also reduced my dependency on runtime libraries, including Bootstrap. I have mixed feelings about Redux which is a simple and effective approach to state management but is hard to tame. Intrinsic to Redux, however, is functional programming which is an excellent fit for the web. I am grateful to Dan Abramov, who created Redux, and mpj for their thoughts and instruction on this subject.

Although the project has not yet found its intended audience, I learnt how to define and scope a project, the evolution of JavaScript in just a few years, and many wonderful things about the living world, including the true composition of lichens.

The Verb

Drills to test knowledge of Spanish and Portuguese verbs.

At the outset, I put in place generic rules to avoid the problems I had encountered on the previous project. Any project should now:

  • Take no more than 6 weeks to complete, including scoping, design, development and user testing.
  • Have a clear, achievable goal; in this case, the ability to test any Portuguese or Spanish verb.
  • Experiment with a predefined set of technologies and design ideas; for this project, I selected Preact as a framework, and limited myself to a monochromatic interface.

Snapdragon Retrieval

Follow up tests to accompany podcasts and long articles.

I maintained the schedule I had created for The Verb, added support for Typescript, and Jamstack features:

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