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Client web services

You should contact me if you want to build a site from scratch, or review performance of an existing site, including its compliance with industry standards.

New sites

The sites I build have the following characteristics:

  • Secure: opportunities for attack are minimised.
  • Accessible: pages are available to all users, on any device.
  • Fast: pages are assembled before they are requested so waiting time is reduced.
  • Extensible: you can change, modify or adapt your site to changing needs.
I follow Jamstack principles.

Existing sites

I will audit an exisiting site with a view to improving performance and compliance.

The sociable contract

The sociable contract outlines the principles upon which a website is built. It reflects the efforts of everyone who contributes to the project.

I have created a sociable contract for The Public Good.

Best practices

I have selected and tested this development stack over the course of 4 projects.

If you would like to discuss an idea or a project, please contact me at Daniel Hartley.

For a complete picture of the web technologies I use, this is my curriculum vitae.

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