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The sociable contract

Where I introduce the sociable contract; a set of promises intended to keep this site user-friendly.

Its purpose is to meet these aims and aspirations.

The Contract

Between The Public Good & the User.


  • The site will satisfy Web Content Accessibility Guidelines WCAG Level AAA in light mode; WCAG Level AA in dark mode, Level AA for larger text.
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  • The site will score at least 95% for Performance, Accessibility, Best Practices and SEO on Lighthouse, on both Desktop and Mobile.
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  • The site will score 'Cleaner than 85% of pages tested' using Website Carbon.
  • This site will contain no advertising.
  • This site will not use cookies to track you.
  • It will use local storage variable 'is-dark-mode' to store your preference for light or dark mode.
  • Support IE11 and all modern browsers (Edge, Firefox, Chrome, Safari, Opera, et al) based on Next.js support
  • Content or pages that are freely accessible will remain freely accessible in perpetuity.


  • Any breach or contravention of the terms of this contract will be put right in a timely fashion.
  • Breaches or contraventions of the terms of this contract, including their length and severity, will be published here with the date of the breach and the date when it was addressed.
  • Reasonable criticism relating to the terms of this contract will be addressed and published here with the date of the criticism and the date when it was addressed.
  • Any changes to this contract will be documented so that the original wording is maintained, and will be accompanied by an explanation of the reasons for the change.

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